Natasha Nauman

My name is Natasha. I am certified chair yoga and meditation teacher. Few years ago I changed my way and turned my biggest interest into my profession. I believe in natural healing. Chair yoga, chair yoga dancing and meditation for seniors, disable people , post trauma and injury is my passion and I feel it to help people to manage stress, create healing ,liberation and  positive way of thinking. Meditation as medication – is truly the “wonder drug” of human. The human body is controlled and nourished by electromagnetic fields of energy. This energy regulates and balances many system in the body. As we meditate, we maintenance of positive flow and functions as natural medicine in preventing sickness and healing the body. Meditation increase the immune system, physical strength, intuition, creativity, reduces stress, anxiety, depression, pain, promotes  mental and emotional health.In my sessions I’m using different breathing technics, visualization, chakras, body scan, Sensory, somatic movement ,chronic pain relief and more.

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