Lea Singer

Have a laugh with Lea. BENEFITS OF LAUGHTER YOGA Laughter Yoga has the power to change your mood within minutes by releasing ‘happy hormones’ called endorphins. You feel the benefits from the very first session. The playfulness of Laughter Yoga also can help reset your outlook on life.

I’m Certified Laughter Yoga Leader. My life has changed in 2017, when I discovered this type of Yoga. I’m so happy to be able to bring health and joy to people in such a marvellous way! 
You will be introduced to the NEW way of Laughter Yoga. We will focus on working with Core energy centers (Chakras) and Emotions related to each chakra. You will experience the main emotions (both negative and positive) and learn why expressing them in a correct way is important for our wellbeing, both physical and emotional. You will take home a knowledge about simple techniques that easy to use in everyday life. 

There are some of testimonials from different people: “This was the best thing I had in my Life!” “I joined the yoga studio because of Laughter Yoga””I use the techniques I learned in my daily life, I remind myself to laugh, smile, breath and meditate”

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