Anmol Anand

Hi my name is Anmol.
Although I recently completed my 200hr YTT in Hatha yoga, my love for this practice began earlier on, during lockdown. A time that made me realise that yoga was so much more than just a very slow boring form of workout, that i once thought of it to be or only movement for people that were flexible. Yoga is indeed for everyone. And contrary to belief, fun too :))

Through my practice I didn’t only notice improvements in my flexibility and physicality but also my mental clarity. In the
uncertainty through covid, I found something that left me feeling calm and happy from within! I looked forward to getting on the mat for my favorite hour of the day, being challenged and gleaming after every small accomplishment. I hope I’m able to spread this feeling of joy to other individuals around me through my teaching practice, along with the many other benefits that yoga brings. Im constantly inspired by the many yogis out there doing such amazing things, making me realise the vast amount I’m yet to achieve and the work I’ll need to put in to tick those goals off. Learning through yoga is endless and I can’t wait to get down on the mat and continue to learn and grow together with these amazing humans whilst I teach.

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