Jacqueline Dreessens

Jacqui Dreessens is director of Wild Moves International (1990) and is an ethnochoreologist (M. Arts, UL, Ireland, 2018), multidisciplinary artist and community arts practitioner in choreography and percussion (B.Ed. Sec Arts, Deakin Uni, Australia, 1985). Jacqui’s research is centered in embodied experience through dance ritual at the intersection of sound, movement, poetry, film and how people express their identity and connection to their sense of self.

Whilst undertaking panchakarma for health and wellbeing at Ayushakti Ayurveda in Mumbai, India, Jacqui also studied with the Soni School of Garba Dance (2016, 2018). She has been developing a program based upon the Chakra light bridge to introduce the Mother Goddesses of Creation celebrated at the nine day Festival of Navratri.

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