Giovanna Phillips

Giovanna Phillips is a freelance artist and was drawn to yoga to help elevate her depression and anxiety. 10 years later Giovanna is a yoga teacher with a dedicated Mysore yoga practice and a certified Tibetan Sound healer and gong practitioner, who is currently studying to become a counsellor to embrace her desire to help people live their best lives. Teaching yoga to all levels and abilities, sharing the wonderful benefits of sound, breath and yoga with everyone.

Giovanna’s passion for yoga led her to discover sound, where she trained with ‘ Lama Tender’; a Tibetan monk, she has a full Chakra set of ‘Blessed’ Tibetan Singing bowls and is also a gong practitioner using gongs to help relax and balance your mind, body and soul, providing monthly sound meditation experiences. She also teaches traditional yoga and pranayama online and in person.

Giovanna is looking forward to meeting and sharing her love of sound and yoga with you and the Bass community.

Giovanna Phillips
Ashtangi & Yoga teacher
Certified Tibetan Sound healer & Gong practitioner  

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