Annebelle van Tongeren

Annebelle, aka The Yoga Stylist is based on the Bass Coast and offers all level classes in a Slow Flow style at Soulspace Wonthaggi with an emphasis on breath awareness, inclusivity and mindful attention on how you’re feeling right at this moment in your body, your mind and your heart. She also teaches via Zoom, as casual drop in classes as well as through the Online Membership which gives you access to the On Demand library of class videos too.

Annebelle is well known for teaching Yoga On The Beach, Inverloch, a very popular flow class on the foreshore for locals and visitors to the area. She also offers private and retreat based yoga and sound classes on the Bass Coast and in Melbourne.   

Recently Annebelle has offered very special sessions integrating mudra, pranayama, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, and sung mantra into a gentle intention led practice, layered with Yoga Nidra. All these powerful elements are brought together to offer a truly transformative and restorative experience, The Samkalpa Sessions. They are offered at Soulspace near or on the full moon each month. 

Before Annebelle started teaching she had a long career in fashion styling, but chose to leave that world and follow her heart into yoga. The concept of tailoring yoga practice to meet the physical and emotional needs of each person resonated with what she offered previously in personal styling. Tailoring yoga practice to the needs of the individuals present made perfect sense. Because every person who steps onto a mat has a specific reason for doing so.

After finishing the diploma of Yoga Teacher Training at Sydney’s renowned The Yoga Institute, and taught directly by yoga luminary Michael de Manincor, Annebelle undertook another level of study completing the Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teacher Training the following year. She also studied I-Rest Yoga Nidra, is qualified to facilitate Yoga for Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga and has continued to deepen her understanding of this ancient wisdom for modern living with other trainings including some with the well respected yoga educator and co-author of Yoga Anatomy, Leslie Kaminoff.

Fore more information about Annebelle go to www.theyogastylist.com.au

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