Samantha Sepulveda

Samantha Sepulveda has been part of the yoga community for over a decade now.  To say that yoga has changed her life would be an understatement! From being  overwhelmed, highly strung, anxious and not allowing herself stillness was part of her everyday …. She has learnt how important is to ground down, be centred and live in the moment. Samantha leads from her heart with softness, love and empathy on and off the mat.

Sam draws from a diverse and rich career history, which has included working with a variety of artists /designers and for many years was a florist and a chef. Her expression is about creation, good nutrition, keeping fit in mind and body, together with living a wholesome and balanced life. Her children are a natural extension of this expression. 

Always a student, she continues to expand her knowledge and with daily practice bring her calmness, balance and mental clarity. 

Sam believes her purpose as a yoga teacher is to nurture her students’ growth and development,  in both their yoga practice and in their lives.

She teaches at different studios ( Hatha, yin, restorative, meditation, vinyasa, hot yoga, flow and alignment, kids yoga, private classes ( mainly trauma-informed ). 

She also facilitates kids workshops and is now managing Laya yoga which is like her second home. 

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