Nicole Lee

I am an internationally certified Qigong Teacher. I’m trained in both Modern and Classical styles of Qigong, I’m also accredited in meditation and mindfulness, and hold a Bachelors Degree in Complementary Medicine.

I work with people who want to live a wholehearted, embodied and actualised life. I believe that preventative self-care and lifestyle-based medicine provide the ultimate pathway to healing and creating a purposeful, connected and joy filled life.

My Qigong journey began in 2013 and since then I have shared hundreds of Qigong classes, workshops, teacher training programs and corporate events. In 2018 my studio Chi Space came into being, a unique space dedicated to Qigong in Melbourne, Australia. The flow of life saw Chi Space close in 2020 and I now work primarily online and from my rural home studio in South Gippsland with a focus on 1:1 sessions, teacher training programs and small retreats.

I’ve studied Qigong, self-care and healing with a variety of teachers including Lee Holden, Master Wang Zhi Peng, Simon Blow & Damo Mitchell. I’ve also completed training through the Chinese Health Qigong Association, Tai Chi Fitness Australia, the Gawler Foundation and the Australian Fitness Academy.

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