Tracie Mitchell

I first fell in love with yoga whilst working a professional contemporary dancer and choreographer . My personal practise is Iyengar yoga . I enjoy how Iyengar acknowledges that not all bodies are the same and as such there are many ways to be able to offer the benefits of yoga practice. Over the years I became drawn to the theoretical and spiritual elements and how they enrich my practice – this involves the focus on breath and the potential of meditation.
As a facilitator I have shared across age groups and those of varying ability from preschoolers through to year 12 students; professional dancers; into the wider community and the corporate world. My pieces of paper include a PhD of which I researched the relationship between dance and technology. In 2016 I extended my practise and commitment and trained as a Hatha yoga teacher.

Now based in Venus Bay South Gippsland and teach weekly classes and yoga intensives as well as offering specialised workshops and mini retreats. Yoga is an art form that brings together the body and the mind. It is an investment in health and reminds us to find space from the everyday. The wisdom founded in Yoga is thousands of years old and when applied to our modern western way it has so much to offer. To be strong, calm and open for potential. The more I learn the more there is to learn – I am the forever student.

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