Linda Newman


Intuitive, perceptive, master teacher, writer, lover of life and founder of Radiant Soul Yoga. Linda embodies integrity, lives by the guidance of her heart and according to the principles she teaches. Above all she is dedicated to using these teachings to serve, to sharing the ancient yogic teachings and practices in an accessible way that’s relevant for our times.

Yoga Alliance (ERYT 500). A master yogi, first practicing yoga in her early teens, Linda has amassed more than 2,500 hours of formal training and 60,000 hours of yoga teaching experience spanning over 35 years, she has been teaching the teachers for 27 years. Meditation Coach (icahp, CMA NCCAP) Practitioner & Life Coach (NLP). Linda has authored numerous courses on Yogic Philosophy, Meditation Practices, and Holistic Yoga. In addition, Linda has a background in Kundalini Yoga, Ayurveda and regularly presents at Yoga Festivals.

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