Bhavani has been teaching yoga around Gippsland for the last twenty years. Whilst initially teaching a more traditional style of Hatha yoga in her early years, Bhavani’s style has evolved to incorporate elements of different styles and cultures, practices, and forms. Bhavani’s love of restorative yoga has grown after learning from Donna Farhi and Judith Hanson Lasater, both of whom emphasise breath work in their teaching. Bhavani is a passionate healer and believes in the importance of daily practices of yoga as well as other complementary healing modalities. Bhavani practices intuitive healing through a combination of yoga and reiki which she sees as one of the most gentle and effective ways to balance and harmonise a person’s body, mind and spirit. Bhavani currently teaches classes in Boolarra both in the local hall and from her own home csunroom’ studio. She also takes private clients for yoga and reiki.

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