Jacqueline Kaldma

Yoga found Jacqueline 7 years ago in a humble studio in Singapore and she began dedicating herself to her yoga practice when she realised it has been creating real transformation within her. It is this practice of yoga that led her to discover her own inner strength, a quiet voice that has always been there despite not knowing how to awaken it.

Jacqueline’s classes come from a place of sharing, drawing inspiration from one of her favourite quotes from Ram Dass, “we’re all just walking each other home”.

She sees life as the greatest teacher of all, with every moment (especially the challenging ones) serving as an opportunity to connect to our deepest self — that to her is yoga in action. She is dedicated to helping each person feel embodied and empowered. Prepare to walk away feeling strong, grounded and at ease. She couldn’t be happier to marinate your bodies in movement and share her passion with everyone!

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