Kaycie Jade

My spiritual journey begun in 2000 when I was just 7 years old. It started with gemstones, meditation and energy healing. For many years I tapped into more and more of this magical world. Eventually in 2017, I found yoga. In no way special, just on a mat on the lounge room floor, thinking I would try a yoga YouTube video. I truly and instantly connected with the practice and found myself having a full body experience. Connecting with my breath and feeling this beautiful Prana energy flow through and around every part of my body. I then dove into my yoga practice, and within two weeks I had booked myself in a teacher training course in Nepal. I ventured out for an experience of a lifetime, completing my yoga training in April 2018. I begun teaching classes a few months later and shortly after that, expanded into kids yoga. Alongside my yoga, I now run wellbeing retreats and workshops through my newly founded business, Jadence, and manage a beautiful wellness centre called Element in Sale, Victoria. I love sharing my practice and guiding people to heal and grow in their own beautiful ways.

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