Jenny Tulk

I am a passionate yoga teacher, Yin yoga therapist and Holistic Counselor with post graduates in (BBM) Brain Body Medicine and (ANSR) Autonomic Nervous System Re-Alignment.From my very first encounter with yoga over 25 years ago; I fell in love with the pure, raw  organic healing potential of the practice; the contrast between the strength and power of a yang style practice compared to the surrender and grace within a yin style practice. I was completely hooked and mixing that with my love of philosophy, creativity and music; Barefoot Bliss Yoga and Wellbeing was created.I am passionate about how yoga and Holistic Counseling empowers you in the healing process. I encourage my students to actively engage on the path to their own well-being; to guide you to listen and be present to your own subtle messages your body has to offer.My aim is to provide you with the tools to connect and re-balance and guide you through different ways to implement them into your daily life to bring more clarity and to encourage growth through mind, body and soul.My classes, workshops and retreats provide a light-hearted welcoming and supported space for you to focus on your health, well-being and happiness whilst feeling relaxed, restored and nourished.I hope to inspire you through a journey of self discovery at my urban sanctuary, with a relaxing vibe. A place where you can escape the everyday; a day spa for your soul.

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