Jodie Corin

Jodie came to Yoga over 20 years ago.. and immediately fell in love with the practice and the way it
made her feel..
The next natural progression for her was to help others find that same sense of calm and freedom
within themselves.
Her teaching style was never really about the poses themselves, but more about embracing your
uniqueness, and how the poses and movements had the ability to shift ones perspective…
Her classes have naturally evolved over the years into a mix of Somatic experience and Slow Hatha
Flow, guiding you into deep self inquiry, throughout all layers of your being. Acknowledging yourself
as the unique being that you are, on each given day, and working with what you need for yourself
from that point..
Jodie truly believes, whether it be a practice that requires physical strength in movement, or a
practice that requires stillness and letting go, changing your practice to suit your unique individual
needs, enables you to create more ease and flow in your life….Life requires both. . Effort and Ease..

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