Srimathumitha Mani

Srimathumitha is a Grammy- award winning Indian singer- composer and yogini. She hails from a family of accomplished musicians from Chennai, India. Srimathumitha started her music journey when she was 4 years old and went on to record for more than 300 Indian movies and the prestigious Oscar Grammy winning Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack. She is also an accomplaished Indian Classical Carnatic Vocalist and has performed around the world . She has several spiritual music albums to her credit. Her latest album is I AM (Yoga Spiritual Indo-world music) for the global yogi. Yoga came into her life first in the form of Naada (Music) and then in the Ashtanga form with her Masters degree in Yoga and 500 Hr YTT from Dr Asana Andiappan college of yoga in Chennai. Her practice and teaching anchors on Pranayama and expands on her strong Asana flows that travel with the unique soundscapes and music she composes and writes for it. Her students love her classes as her approach to yoga stems from authentic and deep cultural roots in India, centuries worth of Jnana passed on to her by her elders and 30+years of training from revered yoga and music Gurus. She attributes everything that flows through her to the lotus feet of her Gurus and the Paramatma. Sri will offer sessions that delve deep into the self through Pranayama, Asana and Naada Yoga. Sri lives in Melbourne with her beautiful family. 

I AM is available on:Itunes: https://music.apple.com/ba/album/i-am-yoga-spiritual-indo-world-music/1615385043Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0e623aiXgZHu7vror4Wj7C?si=VEp1VjPcTJyokIlLNdaimA

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